What is RA Bikes / Relentless Adventure all about we hear you ask!

We live, we ride..

We are here to bring the fun back, reignite the rad culture and get people outdoors and enjoying the RA lifestyle!
Distributor & stockist for Atomlab, Corsair Bikes, Slater Bikes and your home for all things Dj, Park, Street Mtb & bmx bikes. If it’s parts or lifestyle gear we got ya covered!
We live and breathe MTB, BMX and MOTO, from the prime and rough dirt jump trails or technical and unforgiving down hill trails to the local buffed skate parks or just trashing curbs on the street, from Fast 50’s to MX and Enduro weapons we just love to ride!
Whatever the sled, whatever the terrain, we’re always keen to shred.
Relentless Adventure was started by a couple of riding junkies who couldn’t help but notice that the art of fun was no longer the outcome sort after by their merry band of cycling brothers and sisters. The media and products alike had all gone flash and expensive. Local competitions we feel are running the risk of becoming unnecessarily serious, creating a social divide between those riders who simply wish to have fun and those that perhaps have other aspirations..
There is defiantly a time and a place to be serious, and we’re all for focus, commitment, determination and that feeling of strapping on the race face, however, it’s important to remember why and how you started riding!
Relentless Adventure is about riding what you want, when you want and how you want. All that matters is that you RIDE!
Our mission is simple, to inspire creation, motivation and a steezy lifestyle for all those who live, breathe and crave two wheeled adventures.
Quite simply, live life the way you want, not the way you’re told.
We aim to bring you top quality apparel to keep you out there flowing on your two-wheeled weapon of choice. If we don’t rate it we wont stock it, simple as that.
Shred Til Dead – Get out there!

RA Crew